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Prepair offers a straightforward fleet management platform, automating fleet operations where possible.
Ensuring efficient downtime and damage handling when needed.

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Ease of use is our main focus

The platform is structured to provide every user type with essential capabilities and data insights, ensuring efficient and consistent workflow without sacrificing valuable data for fleet improvement.



A user-friendly app supporting Drivers in the day-to-day operation. Before, during and after a shift. Built with flexibility to work alongside existing solutions.

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Team leaders

Prepair provides operational managers efficient ways to trigger necessary workflows. For example, quick damage classification and adding details for follow-up.

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Fleet managers

Our solution enables the fleet manager to direct the operation. Whether it's through insight of KPI's, drilling into detail or handling operational issues; it's covered.

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A front-to-back fleet management solution

The approach of the platform is straightforward where possible, yet works sophisticated to provide overall grip on the fleet operation.

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Vehicle check

Damages and defects can be reported in multiple ways. From a fully automated-, to partially manual process. We work alongside physical scan gates and Ai based damage recognition apps.

Operational flow

After initial damage report, all steps necessary to fulfill a damage are set out within the organization. An unusual delay in one of these steps are automatically prioritized in the work to be done and trigger notifications if needed. 

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Business intelligence & TCO

All obtained data is converted into insights that enable fleet managers to pinpoint detrimental factors of the operation and take action. Additionally, fleet owners are enabled to set out strategic initiatives based on preset TCO reports.

Prepair Data Security

Secured data at all time

The platform employs robust measures to safeguard your data, including encryption and secure authentication protocols. We implemented stringent access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel have the right level of access.

Operational handling made manageable

Operating a fleet inevitably comes with challenges around damages and maintenance. Having automated workflows in place, with clearly defined responsibilities and oversight is key.

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Damage management

The platform ensures a newly reported damage (or defect) is diligently moved through the operational workflow. Providing oversight on priority and duration.

Downtime planning

Based on the fleet's operational status, efficiently plan downtime. Plan non-urgent repairs in the (near)future, transfer vehicle usage between locations, and combine inevitable maintenance the smart way.

Repair operations

Easily connect the right repair partner and get a clear overview of ongoing repair operations. Leverage our capability to combine repairs and have lower transport costs and a better negotiating position with the repairer as a result.

Why prepair?

We're dedicated to delivering solutions that precisely fit your needs, ensuring a hassle-free and effective platform as result.

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5% less downtime

We see fleet organizations achieve a minimum of 5% increase in uptime by reducing the lead time from reporting to assessment, enabling prompt action in critical incidents. This timely response ensures quicker resolution, minimizing downtime, and getting the vehicle back in operation swiftly.

15% less costs

Structural vehicle checks prompts a behavioral shift to delivery drivers and team leaders. Post-implementation, we observe a 15-20% reduction in damage cases within weeks.

100% follow-up of damage compensation

Enhanced file quality and thoroughness are achieved by incorporating elements like photos, reporting timestamps, and comprehensive details (who/what/where/when/why). This approach ensures a 100% follow up of recoverable damage, providing fleet managers with greater control over damage management and heightened awareness.

Insights you need to set strategy and reach goals

All operations-related functionalities are complemented with valuable insights. All relevant data is displayed in a distilled form so that the fleet manager can act on it immediately.

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Operational insights

The platform provides a comprehensive understanding of performance, efficiency, and potential areas for improvement.

Vehicle performance

Assess vehicle performance through trends in defects, maintenance needs and breakdowns.


Repair and regular upkeep is closely monitored. Extraordinary lead times or costs are transparent and can be acted upon.

Experience our approach firsthand

Let's explore how our solution would fit into your operation. We're happy to provide further insight.

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